Why do you love playing hockey?

I love hockey because it’s very fun. I like playing with my friends and making new friends and hockey develops great friendships. I’ve been playing hockey since I was 4 and every year I get new teammates. I miss my old teammates but my new teammates support me and help me when I need it and I’m there for them.

Why hockey Is Your Favourite sport?

Hockey is ranked as my favourite Game. The Game is the most interesting outdoor Game in my view, as there is too much life and energy going on in the Game. Hockey keeps all the players busy, both physically as well as mentally.

Why is hockey so fun?

Goals are what make the NHL fun to watch, and goals are what are going to keep people coming back for more. There will always be amazing goals that will make even the non-fans of hockey appreciate the sport, and what these guys do.

Why playing hockey is good for you?

It helps to release endorphins, which – in turn, helps to combat depression, stress and anxiety. In addition to the overall exercise benefits hockey offers, the need to make quick decisions also assists in developing the brain.

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What hockey means to me?

The thing hockey means to me is pride, teamwork and the most important thing is having fun. It means pride because you have to have pride to have a chance to win. So if you don’t have pride you and your team will have no confidence and won’t have a chance to win.

How do I write an essay on my Favourite game?

I love playing many outdoor games, but cricket is my favourite game. Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world. People in India are very passionate about cricket. I play cricket at my school playground with my classmates.

Why is hockey so popular?

Many people get into supporting a certain team as a result of family tradition and this can bring people together. Finally, ice hockey is still extremely popular to this day because really anyone can play. … This means that many people grow up playing ice hockey at school or in their free time with friends.

Why do kids love hockey?

Experiencing the wins and losses that come with hockey helps a child deal with the wins and losses in life all that much better. Hockey also promotes a strong sense of self, a positive self-esteem and pride. Utilizing positive self-talk and managing stress help balance a child’s outlook on life.

What can you learn from hockey?

5 Important Life Skills You Learn from Playing Hockey

  • 1.Discipline. Want to become an elite hockey player? …
  • Respect. From mite-level all the way to professional hockey, every league has a strict ethics code that all its players must follow. …
  • Teamwork. …
  • Communication. …
  • Humility.
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What are the values of hockey game?

Enjoyment It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants. Loyalty – We aspire to teach loyalty to the ideals and fellow members of the sport of hockey. Teamwork – We value the strength of learning to work together.