What gear do you need for Dek Hockey?

Street, roller and dek hockey gloves should include layers of protective foam lined over articulated fingers, so you can maintain your dexterity. Street hockey-specific apparel includes girdles, clothing integrated with foam padding and ultra-durable hockey pants.

What equipment do you need for Dek Hockey?

What Equipment Do You Need to Play Dek Hockey? The necessary equipment for dek hockey players is minimal. The gear consists of protective gear, running shoes, gloves, shin guards, a helmet, and a hockey stick.

Can you use hockey stick for Dek Hockey?

Ice Hockey Stick Details

While many old ice hockey sticks can be used for street hockey, the reverse is not true. An ABS blade on a street hockey stick would not work for ice hockey because of the weight of the puck and the speed at which it moves on the ice.

Do you need hockey gloves for street hockey?

For Street Hockey, we recommend gloves at the very least and for Roller Hockey, you should at least use gloves, elbow pads and shin guards! For Protective Sizing and Buying Guides, click HERE. The Bauer S18 Performance Street Hockey Gloves provide much better protection and control than playing bare-handed.

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Are ice hockey and roller hockey sticks the same?

Inline Hockey Skates. The most obvious equipment difference between street and ice hockey is the skates, where inline skates have a chassis and wheels instead of a blade and blade holder. That said, the boots are almost exactly the same, so much so that ice hockey skates are often converted into inline skates.

How do you play dek hockey?

Dek hockey is sport similar to ball hockey, played off the ice in an enclosed area using a ball and plastic hockey sticks on running shoes. It is a team game emphasizing health, fitness and fun for the entire family. The game is played 3 on 3 plus a goalie, non-contact, on a 100′ x 50′ playing area.

Can you play hockey without ice?

Ball hockey is a type of Floor Hockey, and a variation of ice hockey. This game is very similar to ice hockey, but this variation is played on foot and on a non-ice surface. As in ice hockey, the aim of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team, by hitting the ball into the opposing team’s net.

Do any NHL players still use wooden sticks?

Today in the NHL, almost no players still use wooden sticks. The main advantage that wooden sticks enjoy today is their low cost. This makes them a popular choice for street hockey. Their main disadvantage that wooden sticks suffer from is their relative inconsistency.

Do you tape street hockey stick?

Made in Canada, the Street Blade Armor is a thin layer of plastic that slides right onto the bottom edge of your street hockey stick to help prolong its life. To help ensure it stays on the blade, you can tape the toe and heel or the whole blade for best results. Make sure that before you tape it, you arm it!

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What is the difference between dek hockey and ball hockey?

Dek Hockey is a variation of Ball Hockey, played on a surface called sport court. Players play on foot with an orange ball and a boarded rink. … Since the dimensions of a Dek Hockey Rink are typically smaller in size compared to Ball Hockey Rinks, teams usually compete at 3×3 or 4×4 (excluding the goalie).

How long is a dek hockey game?


A game consists of three 15-minute periods, running clock, with 90 seconds between periods. Officials may stop play for injuries or extenuating circumstances.

What are the 4 main skills used to play street hockey?

All you really need is a stick, a ball, and a goal. When your access to ice is limited by season, general availability, or, as of 2020, a pandemic, street hockey is the best way to play a fast-paced game, while maintaining and improving your stickhandling, passing, shooting and general gameplay skills.