Question: When passing a hockey puck What do we aim for?

Tip 4: Fundamentals. When making a pass in Ice Hockey, you will always want it to lay flat on the ice, rather than rolling or fluttering.

What is the aim in hockey?

The objective of hockey is simple – to hit the ball within the striking circle into your opponent’s net and score a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

What are three key components to passing a hockey puck?

Key Elements

The head is up with the eyes focused on the target. The blade of the stick should “cup” the puck. Use a sweeping (not slapping) action. The puck moves from the heel to the toe of the blade.

What does pass the puck mean?

1 to go onwards or move by or past (a person, thing, etc.)

How do you properly pass and receive a hockey puck or ball from a teammate while playing hockey?

When your teammate sends you the pass, meet it with your stick blade (bottom hand moves out), then cushion it as you receive it (bottom hand moves in towards your body). This step is important because if you are too rigid and do not cushion the pass as it comes to you, it will likely just bounce off your stick blade.

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