Is MLS more popular than NHL?

Soccer surpasses NHL as 4th most popular sport in United States. … Taken as a whole, the sport is bigger than ever before. In spite of this, it is no secret that MLS pales in comparison to the major European Leagues. Those leagues have devout fanbases stateside.

What is more popular soccer or hockey?

In surveys of US sports fans, soccer is now more popular than ice hockey in the US. A study conducted by the research firm, Ampere Analysis, last month, reveals 49 per cent of US Sport fans claim to like watching soccer on TV, ahead of ice hockey on 37 per cent.

Is MLS becoming more popular?

Over the last 10 years, the MLS has become increasingly popular. The league garnered the attention of top international talent, brought in significant investments and generated a massive presence on social media. … The league is looking to establish a new media rights package in 2022.

Which is bigger MLS or NHL?

MLS clubs averaged 21,310 fans per game in 2019 while NHL teams averaged 17,380 per game in its mostly completed 2019-20 season. It was similar the year before, as the overall MLS average crowd per game in 2018 was 21,873 while the NHL’s in 2018-19 was 17,377.

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Is soccer bigger than NHL?

The EPL would only be the 4th biggest sport in North America behind the NFL, MLB, and NBA. The NHL, which is the 4th biggest league in North America, is bigger than any other football league in the world outside of the EPL. All the MLS has to do is get as popular as the NHL.

Is MLS getting better?

Although the idea of a league getting better or worse is somewhat subjective, there are signs that the playing quality of the MLS is steadily improving. Steadily improving viewership figures alone show the development in quality and increase in support.

Is MLS bigger than MLB?

With an average attendance of over 20,000 per game, MLS has the third-highest average attendance of any sports league in the U.S. after the NFL and MLB, fourth-highest in North America after the NFL, MLB, and CFL, and is the seventh-highest attended professional soccer league worldwide.

Why is MLS not popular in the US?

The main reason why soccer is not popular in the USA is because of the American culture. … This phenomenon, combined with other historical events, made soccer a unactractive sport for americans. The american culture has been changing through the years though, and soccer is becoming more and more popular.

Does anyone actually watch MLS?

The contest drew an average of 1.97 million viewers. For the 2021 regular season, MLS said it averaged 276,000 viewers for 31 regular-season games across ESPN channels, including ABC. That’s up from the average 233,000 viewers who consumed 39 MLS games in 2020 on ESPN platforms.

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Do Americans watch MLS?

With an average attendance of over 20,000 per game, MLS has the third highest average attendance of any sports league in the U.S. after the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), and is the seventh highest attended professional soccer league worldwide.

How popular is hockey in USA?


Sport Favorite sport Participants (millions)
Basketball 11% 30.3 m
Baseball 9% 29.3 m
Association football (soccer) 7% 13.6 m
Ice hockey 4% 3.1 m

Is MLS more popular than NBA?

While soccer’s relevance has been questioned by critics for many years, recent figures indicate that Major League Soccer (MLS) now averages higher attendance numbers than both the NHL and NBA respectively. … In comparison, the NHL averages 17,455 in attendance per game, while the NBA averages 17,273.

Is soccer or hockey more popular in the US?

Most Popular Sports in America – Detailed Statistics – Top 5 In 2022

Sport Viewership % Participants
Basketball 15.3% 24.4 million
Baseball-Softball 14.8% 23.3 million
Soccer 8.2% 13.6 million
Ice hockey 3.8% 3.1 million

Is MLS a major league?

Although not one of the “Big Four”, the MLS, along with the Canadian Football League, is considered one of the “Big Six” major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. … Major League Soccer was founded in 1993 as part of the United States’ successful bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

How fast is MLS growing?

It is growing, and growing very fast. Currently, there are 27 teams that belong to the MLS, fewer than the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. But, since 2010 there have been 13 new expansion teams added to the MLS, and 3 more teams are on the way. Almost half the league has been created in a 10 year span.

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Why is hockey not popular in America?

Too Many Sports. The NHL faces steep competition in the U.S, especially with the popularity of sports like NASCAR or even sports entertainment like wrestling. … While the NHL may be one of the four major professional sports leagues, its popularity isn’t in the top four because of the popularity of college sports.