How are hockey goalie stats calculated?

For ice hockey, the goals against average statistic is the number of goals a goaltender allows per 60 minutes of playing time. It is calculated by taking the number of goals against, multiply that by 60 (minutes) and then dividing by the number of minutes played.

How do hockey goalies keep their stats?

For an individual goaltender, I take the (shots-weighted) average opponent shooting percentage, and then subtract the result from one. This puts the result on the same scale as save percentage, so that one can compare it to the goaltender’s actual performance.

How is hockey goalie save percentage calculated?

It is calculated by dividing the number of saves by the total number of shots on goal. Although the statistic is called “save percentage”, it is given as a decimal (in the same way as an on-base percentage in baseball). Thus, . 933 means a goaltender saved 93.3 percent of all shots they faced.

What is GS goalie stats?

Goaltender statistics

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GS – Games started – The number of games the goaltender has started the current season. MIN – Total number of minutes the goaltender has been on the ice the current season. GA – Goals against – Number of goals scored against the goaltender the current season.

How are goalie wins determined?

A goaltender receives a win, tie or loss if he is on the ice when either the game-winning or game-tying goal is scored. Subtract total number of power-play goals allowed from total number of shorthanded situations to get total number of power-plays killed.

What is a good hockey goalie save percentage?

A respectable NHL save percentage falls anywhere between 0.900 and 0.920. Anything below 0.900 is generally considered weak, while a value greater than 0.920 is exceptional. Keep in mind that the save percentage is only one of several stats used to measure a goalie’s level of success.

What does GP mean in hockey stats?

Don’t know your PIM from your PCT?

GP Games Played.
W Wins. A goaltender receives a win if he is on the ice when his team scores the game-winning goal.
L Losses. A goaltender receives a loss if he is on the ice when the opposing team scores the game-winning goal.
SOL Shootout losses.

What is considered a good GAA in hockey?

A good goals against average will fall between 2.00 and 2.70 for NHL goaltenders. Anything between 2.70-3.00 is considered respectable, while below 2.00 is very exceptional.

What is the average save percentage for a lacrosse goalie?

As a rough guide for youth lacrosse, a save percentage below 50% needs to be improved upon and one over 60% is very good. This will of course differ depending on your level of play. As shooters get stronger and more accurate in the higher levels, a save percentage doesn’t have to be as high to be considered excellent.

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Who is best goalie in NHL?

Top 10 goaltenders in 2021-22

  • Semyon Varlamov, New York Islanders.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury, Chicago Blackhawks. …
  • Philipp Grubauer, Seattle Kraken. …
  • Robin Lehner, Vegas Golden Knights. …
  • Igor Shesterkin, New York Rangers. …
  • Juuse Saros, Nashville Predators. …
  • Thatcher Demko, Vancouver Canucks. …
  • Frederik Andersen, Carolina Hurricanes. …

What does FOW mean in hockey?

Printable PageHockey Glossary of Statistics

back to topForward / Defense Statistics
Games Played (GP) A player is credited with a game played if he steps on the ice for any length of time or serves a penalty.
Faceoffs (FO) Total Faceoffs
Faceoffs Won (FOW) Number of Faceoffs Won
Faceoffs Lost (FOL) Number of Faceoffs Lost

What does SF mean in hockey?

Shots – any shot attempt on net (goals and shots on net) outside of the shootout. SF – Count of Shots for that player’s team while that player is on the ice. SA – Count of Shots against that player’s team while that player is on the ice.

Can a replacement goalie get a shutout?

However, no single goaltender will be awarded the shutout. This has happened several times in NHL history: … On November 23, 2006, the Nashville Predators won 6–0 against the Vancouver Canucks with goaltender Tomáš Vokoun being replaced at the start of the third period by Chris Mason due to injury.

Do shootout wins count for goalies?

Shootouts. Stats aren’t recorded for skaters during shootouts, however the goalie on the ice when the winning goal is scored is credited with a win.

Can a goalie go back in after being pulled?

Originally Answered: Can a goalie in the NHL come back to the game once he is pulled? Yes, there is no rule preventing a pulled goalie from returning to the game.

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