Best answer: How do you start a fight in NHL 18 PS4?

How do you start a fight in NHL 18?


  1. Shoot: Circle button.
  2. Pass: Cross button.
  3. Move player: left stick.
  4. Hustle: Square Button.
  5. Initiate/Accept Fight: Triangle button (double tap)
  6. Spin: L2 button.
  7. Backhand toe drag: L1 button + Square Button.
  8. Backhand toe drag flip: L1 button + Square Button + R1 button.

How do you start a fight in NHL 19 PS4?

All you need to do is double tap Y on Xbox One or Triangle on PS4 while you’re close to another player. If you do decide to start fighting while the game is still underway though, you will incur a two-minute instigator penalty on top of the standard five minutes you get for fighting anyway.

How do you start a fight?

8 Ways to Start a Fight

  1. Personal Attack: Provocation. …
  2. Ignore Them: Another way to start a fight is to ignore someone. …
  3. Challenge Their Significance: Disrespect them. …
  4. Public Humiliation: Human beings will do all kinds of things to avoid being humiliated-including humiliating themselves.

How do you fight in the NHL?

The main way to initiate a fight in NHL 22 is to use the initiate and accept fight controls. In dead puck situations like faceoffs and after the referee has blown the whistle, you can double-tap Triangle/Y while near another opponent to attempt to draw them into a fight.

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How do I start a fight in Chel?

How to Initiate. You can initiate fights by double pressing “Y”(Triangle) while near another player during the game or after a whistle. *If done during play then it can result in a 2 minute instigator penalty in addition to your 5 minutes so I’d advise against doing that.

Can you fight in the NHL video game?

Lay out one of your opponent’s star players during the game and there are consequences. It’s the first time the game’s CPU has ever initiated fights based on events during the game. You can still try to provoke a staged fight, by hitting a button.

How do you start a fight in NHL 22?

Most fights are started by some form of disrespect or an excessive hit against the other team. However, the easiest way to start a fight is to simply press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation before a play. When pressed at the right time, a fight can begin if the other team accepts.

How do you dodge punches in NHL 21?

Dodge – R2/RT. Push – Press up on the left stick. Pull – Press down on the left stick. Overhand Punch – Press up on the right stick.