What is the best way to ship a hockey stick?

The best practice for shipping a stick in a box (either wood or corrugated) is to use a rectangular-shaped box that keeps the stick completely protected. Using a box that follows the contour of the stick makes it much more susceptible to damage because anything that protrudes has a higher chance of being broken.

How do you ship sticks?

Wrap the blade of the stick with an extra layer of bubble wrap for extra protection. Since the bubble wrap will be the extent of the packaging, be sure to wrap the entire stick at with at least three layers of bubble wrap. For the blade of the stick, wrap with an extra layer of bubble wrap for more protection.

How do you box a hockey stick?

Packaging. Lie the stick on the floor and tear a strip of wrap that is a few inches longer than the stick. Roll the bubble wrap around the stick and secure with tape at the top of the shaft, the middle of the shaft and around the blade. Apply a second layer of wrap around the blade for extra protection.

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How much does it cost to ship a goalie stick?

Hockey Sticks are kind of a funny item to ship, expensive to send you just one, but pretty much the same cost to ship 2, 3, 4 or 5. Therefore we charge a flat rate of $19.99 for Ground ($21.99 with Signature) and $29.99 for Express (within most areas of Canada).

Are Ship Sticks worth it?

Overall I think their service is worth it for golfers who are willing to spend the extra money to remove a major headache. I had an extremely positive experience using their service, and if you want to find out the cost for your next trip you can get a quick quote on their site here.

Is Ship Sticks cheaper than FedEx?

However, Ship Sticks offers rates up to 60% cheaper than going directly through FedEx.

How do I ship a hockey stick through USPS?

Create the Proper Packaging to Ship Your Hockey Stick

  1. Step 1: Wrap the Hockey Stick in Bubble Wrap. …
  2. Step 2: Use Cardboard Tubes to Cover as Much of the Stick as Possible, then Tape Them All Together. …
  3. Step 3: Weigh the Package and Measure the Dimensions Like it’s a Large Rectangular Box.

Can I carry on a hockey stick on a plane?

Hockey and Lacrosse equipment will be allowed as checked baggage only. … One item of hockey/lacrosse equipment is defined as one equipment bag plus two hockey or lacrosse sticks (taped together). If the total weight of the equipment is over 50 lbs. and/or over 80 linear inches (203 cm), special baggage fees will apply.

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How much does it cost to post a walking stick?

Delivery Costs for Deliveries in the UK

For orders below the £40 threshold, delivery will cost £4.95 (including VAT). This means that if you spend £40 or more with WalkingSticks.co.uk, your item will be delivered free of charge.

How do you ship goalie leg pads?

You can simply place the pads inside two bags. If you choose the bag approach, we suggest supplying the package with additional padding. Regardless of which packaging materials you choose, it’s important that you use a generous amount of packing tape to prevent the pads from puncturing the packaging.

How much flex should a hockey stick have?

Our answer is that the general rule is to pick a flex that is half your body weight. Therefore, if you weigh 100 pounds a 50 flex stick might be ideal. However, when it comes to sports equipment you must always consider the players ‘personal preference’.

How do you size a hockey stick without skates?

A good way to measure your stick is to stand, without skates in your stocking feet, on a flat surface. Place the toe of your stick on the ground between your feet. Lean the stick straight up-and-down so the handle of the stick touches the tip of your nose.

How tall should a hockey stick be without skates on?

The butt of the handle should fall between your Adam’s apple and your eyebrows. The general rule of thumb is to have a stick that reaches the tip of your nose — but the trend seems to be toward shorter sticks, reaching the chin or lower.

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