Question: Where can I dry my hockey gear?

Place all equipment in a warm, well-ventilated area to air out and dry. Use Drying Racks – A drying rack is especially helpful because it allows for better air circulation around your gear. A hockey drying rack will dry your gear and kill the bacteria that develops during use.

Can I put hockey gear in the dryer?

Some people don’t like to put any of their equipment in the dryer, however it is fine to put your socks, jock, jerseys and base layer in there. Do not put anything that has leather parts in the dryer as this will dry it out and cause cracking.

How long does it take hockey equipment to dry?

Spray a mixture of half water half vodka on the equipment every time you take it off. Hang up your equipment to dry for at least 24 hours. If you skip the spraying down step (probably a good idea if you need your equipment the next day) still hang it up to dry.

Can you laundry strip hockey equipment?

Then drain and wash in a regular washing machine cycle. “The reason why people don’t strip is because you don’t have time. It’s a long process, it takes a while, but it’s actually really fun.” McAllister said stripping also works on bedding, towels, gym clothes, shoes, even hockey equipment.

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How often should you wash hockey gear?

We recommend sanitizing your sports gear a minimum of every 6 weeks or 15-20 uses. Ask about the Ultimate Clean Package at your local Fresh Gear outlet. If available, it provides UNLIMITED cleaning for 1 full year at one low price.

How do you get the smell out of sports equipment?

Throw a cup of white vinegar in with a half-dose of laundry detergent to eliminate odors and wash away build up. Wash sports clothes inside out in cold water with sports specific detergents. Toss in a quarter or half cup of vinegar or baking soda for the particularly pungent loads.

Where do you store your hockey bag?

Hockey Gear Storage Solutions

  • Wire Shelving Unit. Industrial-strength shelving units are not only sturdy but hold up exceptionally well in garages. …
  • Baskets. Baskets are a popular option for storing sporting goods because of their ability to hold bulky or odd shaped items. …
  • Wall Grid Organizer. …
  • Hooks. …
  • Garment Rack or Rod.

How do you hang hockey equipment?

14 Ways to Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear

  1. Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear with a Pegboard and Hooks. …
  2. Recycled Hockey Stick Rack to Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear. …
  3. Recycled Hockey Stick Drying Rack. …
  4. PVC Pipe Gear Stand. …
  5. PVC Pipe Equipment Tree. …
  6. Pallet Hockey Stick Corall. …
  7. Wooden Locker Room Stall.

How do you dry wet hockey gloves?

Remove the gloves from your hockey bag and place them on a drying rack, clothesline, or equipment tree so air can circulate. Leave the gloves for a few hours or until they’re completely dry. Airing the gloves can prevent bacteria from growing on the gloves and will reduce their odor.

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Can you soak hockey gloves?

Hockey gloves and other equipment can also be washed by hand in a sink with hot water, detergent and a cleaning booster/vinegar and some players even wash it in a bathtub. … After washing them it’s a good idea to let them soak for 30 to 60 minutes.

How do you dry ice skates?

Dry the sole separately – Take the sole out of the ice skate and let it dry separately. The ice skates must dry at room temperature. Do not use a heater or the likes since this can change the shape and fit of the sole and interior liner, which are often made of synthetic materials with a low melting temperature.