Frequent question: What is the penalty for high sticking in floor hockey?

No high sticking is allowed. High sticking is defined as the forward or backward arc of the stick going above waist level. A player must carry the stick at waist level. A goal scored from a high stick will not be counted.

What is the penalty for High Sticking?

NHL Rule #60.2 states that a minor penalty for High Sticking is called when the stick of a player makes contact with a player above the height of the shoulders. A minor penalty of two minutes will be assessed to the player responsible.

Is High Sticking allowed in floor hockey?

Players in field hockey are allowed to raise their sticks, even above shoulder height, when done in a legitimate stick-on-ball action or to prevent a shot on goal.

What is the high stick rule in hockey?

(Note) High Sticking is the action where a player carries the stick above the normal height of the opponent’s shoulders and makes contact with the opponent. A player must be accountable for being in control of their stick at all times.

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What are 5 major penalties in floor hockey?

High sticking – This is when the player lifts the blade of the stick above their waist at any time. Hooking – This is when the player illegally uses the stick to hook another player’s stick. Offside – Not being on your own side of the court during the face-off. Penalty – A violation of the rules.

Can a hockey goalie get a high sticking penalty?

The goalie can pretty much be called for a penalty on anything a player can be called for: slashing, high-sticking, tripping, roughing, fighting, delay of game etc. … When a goalie gets a penalty, they do not have to go to the penalty box to serve the penalty.

Is high sticking illegal?

“There’s nothing illegal about it right now. … I don’t see any reason to take it out of the game – it makes it exciting.” Under the current NHL rulebook, the goals are perfectly legal, provided the player plays the puck with a stick below shoulder height and scores with a stick below the crossbar.

What are the 4 penalties in floor hockey?

A player who receives four (2) minute penalties, multiple (5) minute penalties or a combination of 2 (2) minute penalties and one (5) minute penalty will be disqualified from the remainder of the game.

Can you high stick the puck to yourself?

In the rules of the National Hockey League, high-sticking is defined as a penalty in Rule 60 and as a non-penalty foul in Rule 80. A penalty is assessed if a player strikes another player with a high stick. … However, if a player knocks the puck into his own net with a high stick, the goal is allowed.

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What are the only types of passes allowed in floor hockey?

Usually the forehand is more accurate and more powerful than the backhand. In ice hockey there are several types of passes and shots but, for safety reasons, in floor hockey only the push pass and the wrist shot is used.

What are the rules of floor hockey?

The object of Floor Hockey is to hit the puck into the opponent’s goal. A typical team consists of six players: one goalie, one center – which is allowed to move full court, two forwards – offensive players who cannot go past the centerline, and the two guards – defensive players who cannot go past the centerline.

When did high sticking become a penalty?

1993-94. High sticking was redefined to allow goals that were scored with a stick below the height of the crossbar of the goal frame.

Can you throw your stick in field hockey?

A minor penalty shall be imposed on any player on the ice who throws his stick or any part thereof or any other object in the direction of the puck in any zone, except when such act has been penalized by the assessment of a penalty shot or the award of a goal.

What are the three most common penalties in floor hockey?

Major penalty fouls include: a. Tripping – intentional tripping with the stick or any body part. b. Elbowing – use of elbow to impede an opponent.

What are minor penalties in floor hockey?

Minor penalties will result in two-minutes in the penalty box and a power play for the opposing team. If a team commits a minor penalty, the opposing team will receive a 4 on 3 power play (number of players does not include goalie, only floor players).

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What is an illegal shot in floor hockey?

Slap shot: An illegal shot in floor hockey ( A slap shot involves the swinging of the stick behind, slapping the puck, and the follow through which brings the stick high.)