Who has the most trophies in hockey?

Having lifted the trophy a total of 24 times, the Montreal Canadiens are the team with more Stanley Cup titles than any other franchise. Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL itself.

How many trophies are in hockey?

Presently, the NHL has 18 annual individual trophies and awards, the most recently created being the Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award which was inaugurated in 2010.

Who has the most Mvps in NHL?

Wayne Gretzky has won the most career Hart Trophies, with 9.

Wayne Gretzky 1487 1,963
Gordie Howe 1767 1,049
Eddie Shore 551 179
Alex Ovechkin 1242 619

Who is the best NHL of all time?

1. Gordie Howe. Gordie Howe broke into the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings in 1946. After 32 professional seasons—and even skating alongside his sons Marty and Mark—the right winger played his last game in 1980.

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Has a rookie ever won the Hart Trophy?

Gretzky’s rookie season was so dominant in fact that he was not only named an all-star, but he was also able to secure both the Lady Byng and Hart Memorial Trophies as the league’s most gentlemanly and most valuable player.

How many Hart trophies does Gretzky have?

Notable Winners

Wayne Gretzky was awarded the Hart Trophy an unprecedented nine times, eight in succession from the start of his career (1980–87).

What is Wellington trophy?

Wellington Trophy is associated with Rowing. … The Wellington Cup is a Group 3 Thoroughbred horse race in New Zealand held annually in late January at Trentham Racecourse in Trentham by the Wellington Racing Club. Inaugurated in 1874, the Wellington Cup has been raced over various distances.

Who is the first hockey champion?


Year Hosts Final
1978 Details Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
1980 Details Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan
1981 Details Karachi, Pakistan Netherlands

Which trophy is related to hockey?

Important Cups and Trophies List

Sports Name Cups & Trophies
Hockey Murugappa Gold Cup
Nehru Trophy
Nehru Trophy (Hockey Women’s)
Obaid Ullah Gold Cup

How many Hart Trophies does Ovechkin have?

Ovechkin has been awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy honoring the most valuable player in the league three times (2008, 2009, 2013).

How Much Does the Stanley Cup Weigh?

The Stanley Cup: Imperfectly Perfect

Without fail, it is accepted eagerly and then hoisted effortlessly toward the sky despite its unwieldy combination of height (35.25 inches) and weight (34.5 pounds).

Who is the fastest hockey player?

Connor McDavid

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The best player in the NHL right now is also the fastest. Connor McDavid’s ability to breeze by defenders while maintaining control of the puck and finding teammates is unmatched. There is no one like him in today’s NHL.

Who is better Crosby or Ovechkin?

Ovechkin is the better shooter, while Crosby is a better playmaker. Since Ovi became captain, he is expected to pass more, so expect some more assists from him. Overall, Ovechkin may slightly have the edge over Crosby in the offense department, but Crosby is a better leader.

Who was better Gretzky or Howe?

Even when including WHA totals from players such as Mark Messier, European totals from players such as Jaromir Jagr of the Florida Panthers, and even Western Hockey League totals from players such as Guyle Fielder, Howe’s career totals stand up as second all-time to Wayne Gretzky, who scored 940 goals and 2,967 points …