What is the lightest true hockey stick?

Averaging 355 Grams, the brand-new “Project X” stick from True is their lightest stick ever built.

What is the lightest hockey stick out right now?

1. Bauer Vapor Hyperlite

  • Extremely Lightweight – Bauer has done what seemed unthinkable and reduced the weight yet again of the Vapor Hyperlite – Coming in at a mere 385 grams.
  • Low Kick Point – Staying true to the Vapor line, the Hyperlite features a super low kickpoint for lightning quick releases.

What is the best true hockey stick?

Best Hockey Sticks for 2021-22

  1. Bauer Vapor Flylite Griptac Hockey Stick. …
  2. CCM Jetspeed FT4 Grip Hockey Stick. …
  3. Warrior Covert QRE SuperLight Grip Hockey Stick. …
  4. Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Grip Hockey Stick. …
  5. CCM RibCor Trigger 4 Pro Grip Hockey Stick. …
  6. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Hockey Stick. …
  7. Warrior Alpha DX SL Grip Hockey Stick.

Is a lighter hockey stick better?

Some players prefer lighter sticks because they are easier to handle and move around on the ice. Others choose a stick with more weight because it helps to build up strength while using it and can be tougher for opponents to lift off the ice. Using a heavier stick also allows for more power on your shots.

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What stick does Alex Ovechkin use?

How long he’s been using it: Ovechkin has been using CCM sticks throughout his career, but the model typically varies from season to season. He used the CCM Vector last season. Why he likes it: “I really like the feel of it,” Stamkos said. “It has a good kick point and it is extremely durable.

What stick does McDavid use?

Connor McDavid is also well known for his older stick model choice, sticking with an original Super Tacks. He has tried a few of CCM’s newer sticks, but has always come back to his trusty Super Tacks.

What kick point is the true ax9?

TRUE AX9 Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Senior

Weight: 393 Grams
Measured Product: 60″ TC2 85 Flex
Construction Material: SmartPly
Kick Point Position: Low
Shaft Design: FiberShield

How heavy is the CCM JetSpeed FT3?

Weighing in at only 375 grams, the JetSpeed FT3 Pro is the lightest stick CCM has put out to market.

How much does Bauer Nexus Geo weight?

The Nexus Geo is taking Nexus performance to the next level. Coming in at 390 grams, the Geomatches the weight of the Vapor FlyLite. This stick gives the player ultimate versatility and theability to do anything from anywhere on the ice.

Who makes the lightest hockey stick?

Built on a brand new platform, the Supreme Ultrasonic is our lightest Supreme stick ever. At 390 grams, it’s the same weight as Vapor FlyLite. And it’s been re-engineered for snapshots, not just slapshots.

What stick does Connor Bedard use?

Conversation. Connor Bedard reveals the curve he uses while holding a Nike hockey stick for the first time .

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What is the lightest hockey stick 2021?

The all new Limited Edition Bauer Supreme ADV Hockey Stick offers Elite level power, control and velocity all while coming in at 375 grams, the lightest Supreme ever made!

What is the most durable hockey stick?

Here are the best hockey sticks of 2022

  • CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro.
  • CCM Tacks AS3 Pro (Best For Defensemen)
  • Bauer Nexus Geo.
  • True Project X (Limited Edtion)
  • Bauer Vapor Flylite.
  • True AX9.
  • CCM Tacks AS2.
  • No Name Lite.

Is a lighter or heavier hockey stick better?

Light Weight (535g-545g) A light stick allows for quick wrist movement, making it easier to have a quick backswing and stick skills. It also helps with a flawless reception. Heavy Weight (550g-560g) A heavier stick can aid in adding more power to your hits, while making the overall stick more durable.

What is the most popular hockey stick curve?

A moderate curve depth (1/2”) is the most popular and will help improve puck control, improve the ability to lift the puck easier (compared to slight), all while still having a good backhand. A deep curve depth will provide the most control thanks to the blade being able to really cup the puck.