What is handicap in ice hockey?

Handicap betting is offered when one ice hockey team is heavily favoured against another. … For example, if one team has a handicap of -1, a bet on them will only be successful if they win by more than one goal. Betting on the opposing team at +1 will win you the bet if that team wins or if the match ends in a draw.

What does Handicap 1.5 mean in hockey?

On the handicap betting hockey line, they are priced up at 1/1 (2.0) -1.5 goals. This is nearly double the price on offer, so something that punters need to take into consideration and potentially use to their advantage of NHL handicapping.

What does +1.5 mean in hockey?

NHL Point Spread Betting, Sort Of…

As always, the + indicates the underdog, and the – indicates the favorite. Whenever you wager on the puck line, you are betting on the favorite (-1.5) to win by 2 goals, or the underdog (+1.5) to lose by one goal or win outright.

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What is 3 Way Handicap in hockey?

The three-way handicap’s purpose is that it is designed to create an option where you are presented with an equal chance of winning even if you opt to bet on the underdog, the squad that is considered by the bookmakers to be the weaker of the two teams and therefore, less likely to win.

What does handicap 2.5 mean?

Asian Handicap -2.5

Your team wins by one or two goals = Loss. Your team wins by three goals or more = Win. Your team loses = Loss.

How does a handicap bet work?

Handicap betting, also called “point betting,” or “line betting,” is used to even out the playing field between two teams who are not evenly matched. The bookmaker gives a virtual advantage to the weaker team, and a virtual disadvantage to the stronger side.

Is hockey the easiest sport to bet on?

Hockey. Hockey is one of the easiest sports to bet on. Leagues such as the NHL, SHL, CHL, Liiga, Russian Superleague are leagues that we recommend you to bet on. Odds on hockey betting are extremely high and range from 1.80 to 3.32 if you bet on the favorite of the match.

What is the most important stat in hockey?

Plus-minus is a relatively important statistic in ice hockey because it helps judge how defensively responsible players are on a given team. Players who are not good at protecting their net or producing scoring chances will naturally have poor plus-minus values.

What does reverse puck line mean?

Reverse Pucklines – The reverse puckline gives the favorite a +1.5 head start and turns the underdog into the -1.5 role. … So the favorite has to win the game by three or more goals, and the underdog can now lose the game by two goals and still cash a bet on the alternate puckline.

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What are 4 goals in hockey called?

What are 4 goals in hockey? Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a regular hat trick and the origins of it are uncertain.

What does +2.5 mean in hockey?

The puck line is the term for the spread betting option in a hockey game. The puck line is -1.5 goals for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog in every game because hockey is so low scoring, with varying juice on each side depending on how even the teams are.

What does Moneyline mean?

A moneyline bet is the most basic wager in sports betting. In the simplest terms, it is a bet on which team will win a game. There’s no point spread and no conditions. … If you place a bet on the moneyline, that means you think the team you bet on will win the game. If they win, you win, no matter the score.

What is the meaning of handicap 0 2?

Handicap 0-2 (Duisburg is allowed a 2-goal head start). Even if Bayern really wins 1-0; you still win if you placed a handicap bet on Duisburg because the handicap makes the score 1-2 for the purposes of the bet.

What does 2 Way handicap mean?

In the case where a 2-way handicap line is used in a sport that can end in a draw, the bet is usually returned if the contest ends in a draw. … For instance, the 2-way handicap line can be used in hockey, where there will always be a winner due to the usage of overtime/shootout.

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What does handicap draw mean?

When betting with a handicap, an advantage or disadvantage is applied to a team within the regular time (only). To win your handicap bet, the final score of the selected team must be higher than the one of the other team.