What is 8U in hockey?

USA Hockey groups players into into 2-year ranges. Age cutoffs for each division are based on the calendar year. Mites, also called 8U, are 8 years old and under. Squirts, 10U, are 9 and 10 year olds. Peewees, 12U, are 11 and 12 year olds.

What does 8U mean in hockey?


The new age classifications are as follows: Age Category: 8 – Age Division: 8 or Under (8U) Age Category: 9-10 – Age Division: 10 or Under (10U)

What are the levels of youth hockey?

Registered teams play in the classifications of 8-and-Under (mite), 10-and-Under (squirt), 12-and-Under (peewee), 14-and-Under (bantam), 16-and-Under (midget) and 18-and-Under (midget), and USA Hockey’s Youth Council wants to emphasize these benefits.

What are the hockey levels?

The Hierarchy of Hockey

  • USAH – Junior Hockey: General Information. Visit Website.
  • Major Junior – CHL (Canadian Hockey League) …
  • Tier I Junior – USHL (United States Hockey League) …
  • Tier II Junior – NAHL (North American Hockey League) …
  • Tier II Junior – CJHL (Canadian Junior Hockey League) …
  • Tier III Junior – USAH Leagues.
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What are hockey age groups?

United States

Level Ages Details
Squirt 9–10 Levels AAA, AA, A, B, C
Peewee 11–12 Levels AAA, AA, A, B, C
Bantam 13–14 Levels AAA, AA, A, B, C
Midget Minor 15 and Under 15 Level AAA

Is U15 a midget?

The new age Division names will be implemented for next season.”

Changes will be implemented in the GTHL starting in 2020-2021.

Minor Midget 15 years old and under Under-16 (U16)
Midget 17 years old and under Under-18 (U18)
Juvenile 20 years old and under Under-21 (U21)

What birth year is bantam hockey?

USA Hockey Age Classifications

Birth Year Age Age Division
2003 15 U-16/Midget
2004 14 U-14/Bantam
2005 13 U-14/Bantam
2006 12 U-12/Pee Wee

What is the highest level of youth hockey?

The highest level of junior hockey is Tier I under the United States Hockey League (USHL). It’s currently at the top of the tier system, just above the North American Hockey League (NAHL) and Tier III. For years, USHL has been attracting talent from all over the country and the rest of the world.

Is USHL or NAHL better?

The USHL is considered better due to being a Tier I league that recruits many players who move on to Division I colleges and the NHL. Players in Tier I or II do not get paid to play but are often recruited by top colleges. However, the chances of recruitment are higher for the USHL than the NAHL.

What is B level youth hockey?

B or BB (House) is a recreational level with the following requirements. • No tryouts. • Everyone plays. • Teams are formed by drafts. • Teams are limited to the number of second year players on a.

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What level of hockey is the sphl?

The Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) is a low-level professional ice hockey league based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with teams located primarily in the southeastern United States with some teams based in the Midwest.

What is U12 hockey?

11 years old and under. Under-12 (U12) Peewee. 12 years old and under. Under-13 (U13)

Is the sphl a good league?

How good is the SPHL? – Quora. The SPHL is among the lower levels of professional hockey. I would disagree that it is a “beer” league. While the players are not as skilled as most of the other professional leagues, it is still a pro league.

What age is too late for hockey?

It is never too late to start playing hockey. Players have joined hockey programs at 12-13 years old and still made varsity hockey teams. More importantly, the expansion of college intramural and adult teams have made hockey a lifetime sport.

What does Bantam mean in hockey?

an age level of between 13 and 15 in amateur sport, esp ice hockey. (as modifier)bantam hockey.

What age does competitive hockey start?

If you or your child wants to play in the NHL, you should consider when the average NHL player got started. The average age NHL players start playing hockey is six or seven years old. Children start skating even younger, with the average starting age being about three or four years old.