Is there an outdoor NHL game this year?

The 2022 NHL Winter Classic® will feature the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild at the home of the Minnesota Twins, Target Field, in Minneapolis, Minn., on Jan. 1, 2022. The outdoor game, originally scheduled for New Year’s Day 2021, will mark the second NHL regular-season outdoor game for both the Blues and the Wild.

How many outdoor games are there in the NHL this year?

The NHL has staged 33 regular-season outdoor games, with two more scheduled during the 2021-22 season.

Where is outdoor hockey game this year?

Blues outdoor game. The NHL’s 2022 Winter Classic will be held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn. despite the recent postponements due to surges of COVID-19. The league resumed the regular season on Tuesday, Dec.

Who is playing in the NHL outdoor game this year?

The Maple Leafs and Sabres will play in the third outdoor game of the 2021-22 NHL season when they meet at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario on March 13, 2022.

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Will there be a Winter Classic 2021?

Minneapolis, Minnesota in January is not a balmy place. … Usually that’s no big deal, but Saturday also just so happens to be the scheduled date for the 2021 Winter Classic between the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues at Target Field.

Which NHL teams have not played outdoors?

26 of the NHL’s 32 teams have participated in an outdoor regular season game. Carolina is planned to host a Stadium Series game in the future while Tampa Bay is playing Nashville at Nissan Stadium in 2022. That leaves Arizona, Columbus, Florida, and Seattle as the only teams that have never been selected yet.

Where is NHL Winter Classic 2021?

When and where is the 2021 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic game? The Minnesota Wild participate in Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on Friday, January 1, 2021 at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN.

Is the 2022 Winter Classic Cancelled?

The 2022 NHL Winter Classic between the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild is set to take place on New Year’s Day. The two were supposed to meet last season, but with COVID-19 causing a delay in the season, the event was canceled.

Where will the NHL All Star Game be in 2021?

The standard NHL game hockey puck weighs 6 oz.

They are black with the team’s logo on one side, and the NHL logo on the other. … You will see them colored blue to identify a lighter puck. Regulation hockey pucks are 1 inch (25 mm) thick and 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter.

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Is the Winter Classic in NHL 22?

It was played at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild. The Blues defeated the Wild by a score of 6–4.

2022 NHL Winter Classic.

1 2 3 Total St. Louis Blues 1 5 0 6 Minnesota Wild 1 1 2 4
Date January 1, 2022
Arena Target Field
City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Attendance 38,519

How cold is NHL ice?

“The ice temperature before warm-up is about 18 degrees Fahrenheit, but that will climb as high as 24 degrees during the game,” says King. “The NHL’s standard for maximum temperature at the conclusion of a game is 24 degrees.”

Is the 2021 Winter Classic Cancelled?

2021 Winter Classic postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Who will play in the 2022 Winter Classic?

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins and one of the premier sporting and entertainment venues in the Upper Midwest, will play host to the 2022 NHL Winter Classic® featuring the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues on January 1, 2022, the National Hockey League (NHL®) announced today.

How much are Winter Classic tickets 2021?

Winter Classic tickets will generally start in the $150 to $170 range. The average price of tickets is usually around $220 to $240. Fans looking for cheap NHL Winter Classic tickets should look for seats in the upper levels behind the goals as those will be the least expensive.