How much is a 1980 Wayne Gretzky hockey card worth?

The #250 Gretzky card has green, orange, yellow and blue in its border, and features an action shot of Wayne on the ice. These cards are more attainable, ranging from $50 up to $2700.

What is a 1980 Wayne Gretzky card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Population
MINT 9 $1,783.00 125
NM – MT 8 $405.00 586
NM 7 $129.00 419
EX – MT 6 $130.00 216

How much money is a Wayne Gretzky card worth?

Wayne Gretzky rookie card sells for $3.75 million, shatters record for hockey card.

How much is a 1982 Wayne Gretzky hockey card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
GEM – MT 10 $3,361.20 $3,361.20
MINT 9 $655.00 $635.63
NM – MT 8 $163.42 $192.63
NM 7 $54.25 $96.03

What is the most expensive Wayne Gretzky card?

Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee Base #18 PSA 10 — $1.29 million. Last December, Heritage Auctions sold a PSA 10 copy of Wayne Gretzky’s rookie O-Pee-Chee card for $1.29 million. At the time, it was the first hockey card to break $1 million and was the most expensive hockey card ever sold.

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Which hockey cards are worth money?

10 Most Valuable Hockey Cards: From $22,000 To Six-Figures

  • 1951 Parkhurst #66 Gordie Howe Rookie Card – $50,000.
  • 1923 V145-1 #25 Bert Corbeau Rookie Card – $40,000. …
  • 2005 The Cup #180 Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Autograph – $30,000. …
  • 1912 C57 #1 Georges Vezina – $25,000. …
  • 1923 V145-1 #15 Howie Morenz Rookie Card – $22,000. …

How do I know if my hockey cards are worth anything?

Condition and Grading. One of the most important factors for a card’s worth is its condition. Even rare cards can be worthless if they have heavy creases, stains or discoloration. Condition is generally graded on its surface, edges, corners, print quality, and centering.

Who sold the Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

DALLAS — An American auction company says it has shattered its own record on the sale of a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. Heritage Auctions says it has sold a 1979 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie card to an anonymous buyer for US$3.75 million. The previous record for a hockey card was set Dec.

How much is a 1984 Wayne Gretzky card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
MINT 9 $327.27 $324.40
NM – MT 8 $152.50 $150.95
NM 7 $37.44 $67.66
EX – MT 6 $27.55 $43.21

How much is a Babe Ruth rookie card worth?

Babe Ruth rookie card sells for record $2.46 million.

How many Wayne Gretzky cards are there?

We have 1482 cards in our Wayne Gretzky checklist.

How much is a Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

15) Patrick Roy: 1986-87 Topps

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This 1986-87 Topps rookie card of Patrick Roy is valued at over $300 with a high grade.

Are old hockey cards worth money?

The most valuable hockey cards in the hobby can easily fetch upper five and six figure price levels. Hockey card collectors are extremely passionate and many simply go crazy over some of the cards on this list…

Which Topps cards are worth money?

The Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

Card Card No. Auction Price
1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle 253 $588,000
1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth 151 $575,000
1955 Topps Roberto Clemente 184 $478,000
1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb $450,000

Are hockey cards from the 90s worth anything?

Some of the only sports cards from the early-1990s to maintain any value are the 1991 Donruss Elite inserts. The first serial numbered cards in the hobby, they were “limited” to 10,000 copies. … This isn’t always the case as some of today’s cards can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but there aren’t many.